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2013-06-21 10:54 am

4 days, read all of 7 Seeds

Happy Solstice everyone.

I have seen 7 seeds listed, on manga reader, manga traders and other sites. I've looked at the fan pages, and the fanbook months ago, didn't understand the side story at all. Until I read the series.
gave it a whirl last Sunday evening, was up til 2:00 am, with eyes hanging, I had to put it to sleep.
I finished it wednesday afternoon, and then contemplated it for two days before I started reading others that I have followed. Sekirei, Mysterious girlfriend x, Lotte No Omocha, are some of the others I've followed.
I grew up watching astro boy, and speed racer.
i found manga in san diego in the late 80's, very few in english then, my favorite then was Naussica and the valley of wind. read through everything since of it.

Since I'm retired disabled military, I have days off. I spend all my time on the computer, if I'm not out working on our chicken farm. (East central Oklahoma.)
our land, tens acres is in a valley so your either going up or going down, when walking around.