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this is my first ever blog, and my second entry into one.
although i have registered several time on blog sites, i never went back to them.

I'm picky about the anime and Manga i watch and read. tried watching several over the past two days, just couldn't do it. They were many reasons and the most frustrating one is where the boy is completely clueless about girls. Its even worse if he is out of high school.

I look back on my own life, and that time period, and i groan cause i did make all the same mistakes i see portrayed.

I tried watching the first episode of maison-ikkoku-episode-1. It was made in the 80's and has over 90 episode. It has the same type theme as Mahoraba Heartful Days. Except our protegei, a guy, ronin 3 years running and the whole apartment complex goes to his room to party while he is trying to study for exams. The manager is not stern and still learning goes with the crowd.

Started from episode 01, slowly working my way through 'Fairy Tail', on episode 106.

I don't have much bandwidth to work with. On satelite Internet, and it is very limited.
nuff for now
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